Sunday, 29 November 2009


Oh dear, I'm really sorry about all this spam on the blog. I've been busy with other things for the past few months which have led me to neglect it.

I hope you have all the Japanese pornography you need because all comments will be moderated from now on.

My apologies.


Dr Grumble said...

Dr Grumble has had the same problem. It is a great shame to have to moderate or turn off the comments.

Dr Andrew Brown said...

Some of the postings seem impossible to remove, which is a real pain.

Anyway, I've turned on the "Captcha" system and moderation, and I'll see how things go.

Elderly lady in training said...

Delighted to see you've returned to blogging - and with your sense of humour in full force too!

Dr Andrew Brown said...

Thanks ELT. It's always good to be appreciated. :-)