Thursday, 28 March 2013


We are few in number at this evening's Maundy Thursday service, held in the chancel which gives an air of intimacy in an otherwise cold church. The foot washing emphasizes Jesus' command to love and serve one another.
"Lord Jesus Christ, you have taught us that what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters we do also for you: give us the will to be the servant of others as you were the servant of all..."
This is sometimes easier said than done. Patients can be demanding and difficult to like, perhaps through fear or for some other reason. It is hard to see Christ in all of them. God's mercy must be wider than we think, or can imagine. Which is a mercy indeed.


Jennifer Gibbons said...

It is hard to be sincere especially for demanding patients. I feel for you. Sometimes, especially when I am already stressed out, I'd like to think about the many times when people thanked me. It really feels good and I just imagine what goodness or change my actions will bring to their lives.

Dr Andrew Brown said...

Thanks, Jennifer.