Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I have not posted anything on this blog for nearly two months, and several people have left comments and emailed me hoping that I am alright and that I will write again soon. That is most kind.

I seem to be taking a sabbatical at present. I'm not sure why I stopped writing, I probably just ran out of energy. You might not think so, but it takes me some time to consider and then write a blog entry. What is written without effort is, in general, read without pleasure. I suspect I have also been subconsciously worried about letting standards slip, and about whether I have anonymised the details of my stories enough. The more you remove inessential parts of the story, the less interesting the story becomes. And my mind has been on other things.

But I'm still here, still in good health, reasonably cheerful and with no major disasters to report. Thank you for your kind wishes. I expect I shall write again soon. I must prepare my Appraisal material shortly, and something may well come out of that.

Best wishes to you all for the new year.



Elaine said...

Ah, the famous (infamous) appraisal.

Blogging is not mandatory, but it is always good to hear from you when you do post.

Glad to know that all is well with you.

steveg said...

Good to hear you're OK Doc - take your time, we shall be here patiently waiting for you.

I look forward to you returning revitalised

best Wishes


XE said...

Glad to hear from you Dr. Brown! Hope you'll return before too long.

Darn, there was a really good quote from lecture last week on psychosomatic illness that I wanted to tell you about, and I can't recall what it was now... it'll come back to me eventually.

Dr Michael Anderson said...

Glad to hear that you are well Dr B

Auntie Jane said...

I too am glad to hear that you are OK. I have missed your blogs as they made interesting reading. So I'll sit here patiently and await your next blog.

I can understand how you feel. I also have periods where I just can't think of what to write that might be interesting to others. I've been going through one of these periods myself lately!

My health isn't all it should be and to be honest I can't keep boring others with it! So I stop writing!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're OK. I look forward to your next post.

Jellyhead said...

I had been wondering if you were going OK. It's good to hear things are well with you.

All the very best for 2009 :-)

Elaine said...

Gooc go see you again after so long. Your blog is always worth the visit

The Shrink said...

Good to hear things are ticking along in your corner.

Appraisal, ho hum. Had mine lats month and I find myself in gainful employ for another year :)

Hope the rest's therapeutic and the muse descends 'pon you with either frustrations to rant over or successes to reflect on and happily share!

Anonymous said...

The first blog entry I read of yours was the last one, in November, but i went back and read the archived ones and since then have been checking regularly. I hope that this is a reassurance that there are people around who respond to your writing. I am glad everything is OK, and will keep looking in!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of us!

I do miss your insightful writing on all things medical but I'm also very happy to hear that all is well with you.

Enjoy your sabbatical!

Dr Andrew Brown said...

Dear me, you are all so kind!

Thank you, my friends.