Friday, 8 August 2008


I always say that you can laugh with patients but you should never laugh at them. Recently I broke this rule and pulled a patient's leg gently, but I came off worse in the subsequent exchange. Which serves me right!

It was a woman I don't know well as she usually sees one of my partners, but I did know that my partner finds her a bit gloomy and hypochondriacal. She opened the batting by asking me if I was well. I replied "yes", to which she retorted "you don't need to see a doctor, then!" Knowing her reputation I couldn't resist saying "no, which is just as well since I don't know any good ones". Quick as a flash she nodded her agreement, saying "there aren't many".



Calavera said...

Haha, witty woman! I think it was a funny exchange!

Anonymous said...

I also sometimes tell patients I wouldn't know any good doctors to see if I neened to see one. Nobosy has called me on iit like this woman did!

Anonymous said...

oops....nobody's called me on it!

Anonymous said...

That'll teach you for fishing for compliments from strange women!

Elaine said...

I remember saying to a previous GP that I thought it must be about time for the Vet as yet another ailment hit me.

He looked me and said "mm, I don't know of any vet who would take you.


Of course it would have to be a large animal Vet."


Anonymous said...


This sounds like one of Eric Berne's classic 'Games that People Play' although I can't think of its name.


The Armchair Daddy

Dr Andrew Brown said...

I'm glad we have the same jokes in the USA and UK. :-)

Thanks for the reminder that I must read Eric Berne again. Games are long-term patterns of maladaptive behaviour and they can certainly occur in the GP's surgery.

eda said...