Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Good Samaritan

One of my patients has a rather schizoid personality, which makes him an odd bloke who doesn't socialise much. By and large he manages to look after himself and doesn't cause anyone else any hassle, so he doesn't see any sort of professional except me. I like to see him occasionally to make sure he isn't deteriorating. He seems to have very little human contact but potters about in his trademark leather jacket and cap and, to my surprise, occasionally goes to church.

I was even more surprised to find him chatting to another patient in the waiting room when I called him in for a consultation the other day. The next patient I saw was the lady he had been talking to, and she told me that she had previously met him at her church. She hadn't known who he was, but he had looked rather lonely so she had gone over and talked to him. She also told me that after he had left the church, one of her fellow churchgoers came over for a word. “Who was that man?” he asked. She said that she didn't know. “Well, you might have told him that we don't wear hats in our church!”

I am proud to have such a kind lady as patient.


Dragonfly said...

That fellow churchgoer seems to be a tad lacking in the charity and hospitality department. But good for your lady patient for building a rapport with him!

Elaine said...


Dr Grumble said...

What hope is there for patients like this in the Virgin Megaclinic, if even the church gives them short shrift?