Thursday, 10 April 2008

Now we are six

This was the title I wanted to use the other day (me and my AA Milne fetish) and I'm glad to say that I have now found a sixth British GP blogger - to wit one GeePeeMum.

Strictly speaking she was spotted by John Robinson of Pulse who has just published a round-up of GP blogs. If anyone knows of any more please tell me about them.

It occurs to me that I have not counted such excellent writers as Phil Peverley and Tony Copperfield. That is because I consider them to be columnists rather than bloggers, and their work seems intended for GPs rather than the general public. But I suspect there can be few GPs who do not enjoy reading them.


Elaine said...

How good to find another AA Milne fan. I listed these books amongst my favourites as a child (joined by Emil and the Detectives).

Dr Ken B Moody said...

Just discovered your blog, Andrew. In Norwich on holiday but shall peruse it at leisure on my return.
Keep up the good writing.