Friday, 23 November 2007


Dear Readers,

Life at Château Brown has been very hectic of late what with one thing and another, and I've had very little time to spare for blogging (or anything else).

I know that you are a kindly and thoughtful lot, so I wanted to assure you that my family and I are in good spirits and good health. I'm just off on a short break and I very much hope to return to blogging on my return.

I went round to Martha's for tea the other evening and I was chatting with her and her husband about being fortunate. There is no doubt that happiness is not correlated with income, once you earn more than a very basic minimum. It seems to be largely a state of mind: one can be miserable when one has no problems, or cheerful in the face of major difficulties. So it may well be that the fortunate man is simply one who considers himself to be so.

If that is the case then I wish you the very best, and hope that you may all be as fortunate as I.

Au revoir...


A. said...

à bientôt, and in the meantime have a lovely time :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr A B, viewing yourself as fortunate seems to me like counting your blessings - and why not?

I wish you well on your break and hope you get from it whatever you are looking for. Whether you come back to blogging or not - thank you for the time you've spent opening our eyes to your world.

Another small tip for keeping spirits up - choose system passwords that bring a smile to your face every time you key them in. (Works fine till your userid breaks and you find yourself having to confess your kinky choice of password to your support people!)

Anonymous said...

Have a peaceful break, take care and look forward to reading your blog again on your return.

Elaine said...

Have a good break. Return full of good cheer (at least for the first five minutes!) Look forward to reading your blog again on your return. YThank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you go :cry:

I know I've been very 'fortunate' to enjoy your words of wisdom and your wonderful insight.

Thank you for just being 'you'.

Au revoir!

Ms-Ellisa said...

Καλή ξεκούραση και ευχαριστούμε για τις συμβουλές!!!

Which, if the writing doesn't shmush:
"Have nice rest and thanks for all the advice!!!"

Anonymous said...

Still checking up on you on a daily basis Dr B

Dr Andrew Brown said...

Thanks to you all for your kind comments. The holiday is going well.

Ms Ellisa: your comment was also kind, but it's all Greek to me. :-)

The Shrink said...

Have a good break :-)