Wednesday, 1 August 2007


The counter in the right margin is provided by and it provides me with some interesting information about my visitors. One of the useful features is “Came from” which gives the address of the website that directed the visitor to this site. And this tells me who has me “blogrolled” on their site.

It is gratifying to find your site listed on other blogs because it means that the person reading it liked it enough to add the link. StatCounter also tells me who are the “best” referrers, so that I know where to send the champagne next Christmas. :-)

I also discovered that my chum The Shrink has just started blogging from the ninth circle of Hell, which seems an exotic residence even for a psychiatrist. No wonder they are allowed to retire at 55! And most mysteriously of all, I am listed on a Nordic blog “Lääne tänaval” that is incomprehensible to me. I can't even work out what language it is written in, though I think it may be Estonian. In any case, I extend a warm welcome to all my visitors, from Eastern Europe and everywhere else. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr "Brown"!

It's been a pleasure to read your blog!
I'm the author of the bit mysterious blog "Lääne tänaval" which is really written in Estonian (well guessed!) Sometimes I pop in to your page from my English practising site too, so I do visit your blog quite often.
I'm an Estonian GP, I worked for 5 years and now have been out of practice for half a year, having moved to the USA because of my family.

You verbalize very well the stresses, frustration, uncertainty and all the other feelings related to being a GP; better than I've even been able to do myself or found anybody else to do. I've been enjoying the discussion on health care issues in British blogs in general as well. It seems that there never was such a good discussion in my own country, we tended to focus mostly on the financial issues - yet.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Doc! I hope you'll find motivation to keep going with your blog even if quitting your practice. (It seems to me that these days a lot of, especially good doctors, feel unhappy with their jobs and think about quitting or moving to another country. It's a pity.)

P.S. Sorry for my broken English.

The Shrink said...

Excellent English, preilijuly, no apology necessary! In the UK GPs pay has recently risen to more reasonable remuneration but conditions, expectations and demands are inexorably deteriorating unsustainably.

I haven't mentioned my blog anywhere yet, didn't know tricksy stat counters would reveal referral sites! Just started last week after persuading myself I probably did have the time to scrawl something often enough to make it worth a go.

And as to the venue, well . . . the Ninth Circle seemed an interesting place to be, gets right to the heart of it all, eh? ;-)

A. said...

"know where to send the champagne next Christmas": That's a hint isn't it? Go on admit it! :) You're 4th on my list of best referrers and the other three, of course, don't count ;)

Not so much referrals, but I've had some interesting hits - just today from Unesco and the United Nations. I get nervous when it's a .gov in case I've inadvertently done something wrong. (I also have difficulty telling a customs officer I have nothing to declare.)

I do love all the visitors. I was going to add "but especially" and imediately realised they are all special in one way or another.

Dr Andrew Brown said...

Preilijuly: thank you very much for letting me know about your situation, and for your kind comments. I didn't realise you are a GP, and I hope all goes well for you if you decide to work in the States. I agree with The Shrink, your English is already excellent.

The Shrink: I'm afraid that GPs having cunning ways of finding everything out. There is no place to hide! And, like A., I am enjoying your blog.

A.: No, it wasn't a hint because I hadn't supposed that I was sending much traffic your way. But since you ask, Brut Rosé is my favourite. ;-)
"They are all special in one way or another" - excellent theology!

preilijuly said...

To Dr. Brown and The Shrink - thank you!